The Complete African Adventure Tour

Your Chance to Visit Africa

If you've ever wanted to visit Africa, now is your chance!!!

Next tour dates just confirmed: January 24-February 7, 2018.

Imagine yourself there! In the midst of the beating drums; dancing, singing, clapping, sweating from the tropical heat. Imagine yourself being a part of that event, playing the drums, dancing. Imagine yourself lying on the beach, next to the palm trees sipping locally made wine from a half-cut gourd. Imagine yourself walking at the tops of the trees, looking out over the rainforest, listening to the sound of the birds speaking, to the sound of monkeys in the distance.

The experience of a lifetime awaits in Ghana with African Skies Music and Dance Tour.

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Example Itinerary

Below is an example tour itinerary.

Days 1-3

  • Orientation, drumming, dance and xylophone classes at University of Ghana with members of Ghana Dance Ensemble.
  • Performance by the Ghana Dance Ensemble.

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Tour Cost


Full 14 night program:  $1,499 USD if registration and deposit ($200) submitted prior to October 1, 2017.

On or after October 1, 2017, registration fee is $1,599 USD.  (Please note that fees indicated are in U.S. dollars)


Tour Includes...

14-night tour includes:

  • Meet and pick up at Kotoka international airport in Accra
  • Orientation session with tour organizers
  • All accommodations, 14 nights (shared)

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