"So many amazing experiences!"

"It was fantastic!"

"Amazing! Even better than I thought it would be."

"The whole experience was really kind of amazing."

"Well, Jay, that was quite the authentic, grassroots tour! Lured ever onward by the promise of running water, we covered seven of the ten regions of Ghana and enjoyed the friendliness, warmth and hospitality of Ghanaians, tasted much of the local flavour, and experienced activities well off the beaten trail. I found all the activities incredibly valuable. I loved, loved, loved the beach and loved Fuller Falls, and going to Mole. Touring Cape Coast castle was a powerful experience. The whole experience was really kind of amazing. It was great meeting the chiefs!  The drumming and dance classes were great! The instructors were all so helpful and spirited. I loved the dancing and drumming and missed it when I got home."

~ Judy L. (2012 tour participant)