Register for Drumming classes and workshops this summer/fall

Classes for Beginners introduce students to the West African djembe drum. Through fun and uncomplicated exercises students will also develop a small repertoire of rhythms, experience the art of playing a drum solo, and learn traditional drum piece incorporating the Ghanaian bell (gankogui) and gourd rattle (axatse).

Intro workshop at McNally Robinson, dates TBA, register at

Beginner 5 week session begins Tuesday April 4, 7:00-8:00pm, register at

Classes for Intermediate/Advanced are for those whose have taken at least one full session of hand drum study and have a solid understanding and technical ability with the bass, open and slap strokes. This level will lead students through a further development of ability to improvise on the drums, add more rhythms to the students repertoire and add one or more multi-part drum pieces from Ghana.

Intermediate/advanced session runs on Saturdays, February 25 - May 13.

Drum Cafe is a series of exciting, interactive, drumming sessions for corporate team building, office party entertainment, school staff team building, school student entertainment, or community entertainment. with groups from 20 - 600, everyone gets a djembe drum to play. More information is available on our website: